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TriboDyn lowers operating temps
My Baja has an air-cooled 2000cc engine. It ran hot, 210-220 degree oil temps with the extra fan running on the extra oil cooler. I had just change the oil and had fresh royal purple in motor. I drained the oil and put in 20w50 TriboDyn. Once I started the car and the motor started to heat up I noticed it idled smoother and the engine was quieter, as air cooled VW engines are a little noisy. As I drove the car in the heat of the summer I watched the oil temp. It didn’t get over 195 degrees, it was over 90 degrees. If it is below 80 degrees I cannot run the extra fan and it will run at 195, if i run the fan it drops to about 180 degrees.

I’m very happy with the results of the TriboDyn. I am so happy I will be changing the manual transmission lube to TriboDyn along with repacking all the bearings with the TriboDyn grease.
Lowers operating temperatures and increases HP
MIchael Clouse
The 20w-50 racing oil worked excellent yesterday, the temperature never got above 200° & it made excellent power, not to mention it seemed to start very easily. Looking forward to putting it to the test again at our next mud bog.

Video link below:
TriboDyn saved our engine
Ambush Racing
Not only does TriboDyn increase horsepower but it also provides a protective coating on your engine products. On March 26, Caleb turned 10,080 RPM's on his cart while dropping all of the oil out of the engine. He continued to race and when he came into the pits we pulled apart the engine. The only thing we hurt was the rod bearing and that was slightly. We were absolutely amazed that we didn't hurt more, the TriboDyn additive in our engine oil saved us a very costly blown engine. We highly recommend TriboDyn additives to any motorsports application from go-karts to NASCAR and everything in-between. Take it from us, IT WORKS!!!
Speed in a jug!
Mark Goin with Mag Motorsports
I can't say enough about these products that TriBoDyn has created and put out to us consumers. We have completed some baseline testing in racing engines and saw gains with the product. We used the 20w 50 High Performance oil In our testing. Results showed horsepower, torque, operating temperature, and base fuel comsumption gains. The Tri X 2 grease was a no-brainer. All you can say is "it's speed in a jar". More results to come! My money is on TriBoDyn. Keep up the good work and thank you.
1997 ford thunderbird
Matthew becknell
My sons thunderbird burned 1 quart of oil a week and was running rough. First treatment led to car running smoother and no oil consumption. Now car no longer smokes, runs so much smoother and has great pickup again. Getting ready to test it in tractor trailers at Fedex.
Ahead of the Competition
Mark Goin
On the behalf of Mag Motorsports I wanted to say what an evolutionary product that TriBodyn has. We have spent several months trying different tests with the products. We started by testing with the engine oil. To our interest it showed a reduction in fuel consumption while driving operating temperatures down. We believe that if you're looking for something to protect such and expensive race engine, this is your product.

Second test:
We have an Ellis miter saw which has a lot of noise from the operating gear box. I simply drained old oil out and replaced with the 75w90 gear oil. The machine had a reduction in noise and the machine seemed to have more operating power.

Third test
Tried the TriBodyn oil additive in a 2002 Nissan Frontier. First fill up with gas seen little change. Second fill up the vehicle picked up about 20 miles a tank full and has an increase in power.

Fourth test
Complete change over to the high performance products in all our asphalt late models. More to come!
Almost too good to be true!!
Jim Shipley
June 11, 2014
Just to let you know, when we first introduced to Tribodyn it sounded
to good to be true. Our tours are conducted in deep soft sand and to
make matters worse, we run only 16 to 18 p.s.i. in our tires. On June 10,
2014 we took a group for a tour. The sand was as soft and as deep as it
ever gets. Under these conditions, the best mileage we ever had got, was
12.7 m.p.g.

After just 2 days into the addition of Tribodyn, a mileage check after
the tour showed 16.8 m.p.g. This is unheard of for a V8 4 door 4X4
pickup in deep sand. We are looking forward to the additional benefits of
the reduction in wear on our engines .

Jim Shipley C.E.O. OBX 4X4 Tours
TriboDyn is the only way to go!
Dear TriboDyn,

Team O Motorsports wanted to thank you for letting us try the TriboDyn
Products. After receiving your products, we put the product into our diesel
generator which was making noise, having hard starts, smoking, clattering and it
was not working to its performance. After using the recommended amount of
TriboDyn in the generator, the generator now starts easy, does not smoke, does
not make noise and does not clatter. Team O has now proven that TriboDyn
product works to its potential. To be honest, when your salesmen told us about
the product, we did not believe it could do what he said it would do. This product

We are now going to try it in our Semi to see if it helps with fuel mileage. We feel confident that it will improve the fuel mileage, as well as protect and help the overall performance of the engine. Team O highly supports and recommends the use of TriboDyn Products.

We sincerely thank you for your support!
Impressed with TriboDyn!!
Brian Speakman
At the Louisville Truck Show this past March - we came across your booth and were impressed by your presentation of TriboDyn oil additives. We decided to try your product for engine oil and see how well it works.

We own a Peterbilt 387 2006. The engine is a Cummins ISX 2005. We bought the truck with 945,250 miles. We have operated the truck since purchase back in September 2012. This past December 2013 we took the truck in for a total complete overhaul. It was going through a gallon of oil and antifreeze a day the week before I got it to the mechanic for scheduled work.

The mpg’s were roughly 4.2 before the overhaul. After the overhaul - the mpg’s increased to about 6.3

We ran into your booth and purchased sufficient to test your product with an oil change and lube. We also purchased a small one that would be used on our APU. In January of this year we replaced the APU we purchased when we bought the truck with a Green APU.

Our mpg’s increased significantly with the TriboDyn oil additive for our motor.. we are now getting about 7.7 mpg’s thanks to your product.

We added TriboDyn to the Green APU and the most noticeable improvement was the decrease (over 50%), in the decibel level. It also runs so much smoother. Now both the APU and the engine start up every time - as though they have only momentarily been shut off.

I have become a loyal customer and I’ll be telling everyone who can - to add your TriboDyn products to their engines. I’ll be recommending that the company I pull for - tries out the additive, because as I’ve noticed near staggering improvements - I believe they would want to be in the know on improving their fuel consumption as well.

Brian Speakman
Bear Leather Transport, LLC
Thank you!!
Sue Dwer
Thank you for proving me right! My husband said TriboDyn would not work, now all our cars have Tribodyn in them! We are seeing great fuel mileage increase in all our cars!

Thank you TriboDyn!!

Sue Dwer
This stuff is the best!
Jason Bryan
This is by far the best stuff I've been able to find for my transmission. I will most certainly be a repeat customer for life.
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