Fuel Mileage Test on Boat

TriboDyn® Fuel Mileage Test
Marine Test 1980 43 Defever boat

TriboDyn has shown remarkable fuel mileage improvements when used in standard passenger car applications as well as Diesel Engine applications. To see if the same benefits can be found in Marine Applications we asked Diesel Don a well-known Diesel Mechanic from, Scottsboro, AL to test TriboDyn in a boat application.

The boat being tested is powered by 2 -120 H.P. Ford Lehman engines.

Marine applications are significantly different than normal highway vehicles. Wind,wave, currents and much more will impact the fuel usage. Don felt the best way was to run a significant number of hours that the comparison would allow for these variations. His initial test with no TriboDyn was 60.8 hours in total run time and the run time after adding TriboDyn was 129.8 hours. The results verify the effectiveness in Diesel Marine applications. Below is a review of the data generated by Don.

Initial test:
� 15 W 40 oil was used
� 180 gallons of fuel consumed
� 60.8 hours
� Gallons per hour 2.960

Test with TriboDyn added to oil:
� Same oil used with TriboDyn
� 350 gallons of fuel consumed
� 129.6 hours
� Gallons per hour 2.700

The fuel consumption changed from 2.960 gallons per hour to 2.70 gallons per hour
which is virtually a 10% improvement in fuel usage. In addition Don had to add 1 quart of oil to each engine after the 60.8 hours. After the 129.6 hours of running no oil needed to be added. The test demonstrated not only a fuel improvement but the reduced oil use verifies the reduction in internal friction and improved ring seal.