Dyno Test on Ford Engine

TriboDyn®Fuel Mileage Test 
On a 2006 Fed Ex Mercedes Sprinter 3500 Diesel

TriboDyn® has shown remarkable fuel mileage improvements when used in standard passenger car applications.
To establish that TriboDyn® shows the same benefits in Diesel engines Diesel Don a well-known Diesel Mechanic from, Scottsboro, AL, drove over 5000 miles with the vehicle to establish fuel use. Then Don did an oil change and added TriboDyn® to the oil and ran an additional 5000 plus miles, while monitoring fuel consumption.

The results verify the effectiveness in Diesel applications. Below is a review of the data generated by Don in a closely monitored test. Don utilized data from both the on board computer and the recorded data from physical monitoring.

1. Mileage comparisons between equivalent fuel filling with and without TriboDyn®. In this set of figures we make no allowance for actual driving or highway conditions so results will vary. The average would be representative of a typical route.

No TriboDyn®                                                                           With TriboDyn®
Gal of Fuel         Miles Driven    MPG      Gal of Fuel     Miles Driven         MPG         % Gain              20                           382           19.1           20                   402                 20.1            5%           19.1                         352           18.4           19.1                412                 21.5           14%         20.9                         402           19.2           20.9                450                 21.5           14%       
23.4                         425           18.1           23.8                475                 19.9              9% Average                                                                           Average                                            20.85                      390            18.7           20.95              434                 20.7       10.50%

2. Don made 28 runs with the truck, 14 without TriboDyn®
and 14 with. Below we will see the overall average, which would tend to eliminate any variations based on up or down hill, slower traffic, etc. that could have impacted the above figures.

NTriboDyn®                                                                 With TriboDyn®

Total Fuel      Total Miles      MPG                        Total Fuel      Total Miles        MPG
295.7                     5,547                                                             282.6           5,790
Average                                                                Average 
21.1                 396.2          18.77                          20.1               413.57         20.57        8.80%

The conclusion is that the benefits in Diesel engines are comparable to those found in Passenger Car applications. This test confirms that the use of TriboDyn® reduces fuel consumption and increases fuel mileage.