Dyno Test on Race Engine

TriboDyn┬« Dyno Test On a 350 Cu 
In Super Street Class Race Engine

M.A.C.H. (Yancer Specialties Inc.), Phoenix, AZ as a continuation of testing of the TriboDyn product developed the following information. The engine chosen was a 350 Cu In SuperStreet Class Race engine that was not freshened for the test.

Water temperature at Start: 150F and was 190F at peak
Oil Temperature stabilized
Idle set
Fuel air ratio was 15:1
Fuel consumption was 33 lbs. per hour
Rotella Synthetic Motor Oil produced by Pennzoil was used & no additional additives were utilized.
Maximum power produced was 407
Maximum torque produced was 410
Several sweeps were made to allow for any variations.
The engine was also run at a steady rate of 4000 RPM in one set of tests.

TriboDyn was added after the initial tests and the engine had cooled.
Multiple sweeps as well as a steady RPM test were run.

Horsepower increased a maximum of 10 HP and at a steady 4000 RPM increases 8 HP.
Torque increased a maximum of 9 Ft Lbs. & at a steady 4000 RPM showed an increase of 
9 Ft Lbs.

The Idle increased by 200RPM
Fuel air ratio remained at 15:1
Fuel consumption was 32 lbs. per hour
Water temperature at Start: 150F and was 160F at peak
The oil temperature remained the same but rose slower to peak temperature.

Additional benefits were also noted:
Ring seal improved from 12% (Used engine) to 4%, indicating improved ring seal. The engine actually cooled faster after shut down, with the treatment.It was also noted that the engine was faster to start after the additive was added and this showed as a progressive improvement each time the engine was started.

This was a used race engine and as such would not be as "tight" as a new engine. Any increase in power from reduced friction could only be attributable to the additive, not to any loosening up of the engine as would occur with a fresh rebuild.